Podcast 86 Are you an Empath!

Are you a really sensitive person?  Do you pay attention to your environment?  the people you hang out with?  The newspaper, magazines, or books you read?  Do you know how to clear those emotions that are holding you back?  Do you go out in mother nature and just be with the sky, the earth the flowers the trees, the creatures?  Are you on social Media too much?  Are you watching to many videos or T.V. or net flicks? Are you on your phone tooooooooo much!  Pay attention to your environment, where you live, who you are in regular conversations with, the people at work, your friends etc.  Notice if you are moody what did you just do?  What did you just eat? What did you just hear or read?

Everything can be an environment and our environments effect us way more then we think!

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