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What does practice get to do with anything? YOU CAN’T HAVE MASTERY until you put in the time. In fact, it is common knowledge that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be called a master of anything. In my book “Getting Unstuck” Chapter 9 is about practice, practice, practice.

In these last 10 months, I have lost 8 people. Recently my mother and Auntie were all within 12 hrs of each other. I also have a coaching business and I take care of my four and half year old granddaughter. I fill in at a home with troubled teens and also put in at least one 24 hour shift a week. Why am I sharing this? People are counting on me and I cannot emotionally afford to be stopped because life keeps giving. Without having structures and tools in place I might have not been able to keep going. I have rituals, habits and structures in place so that when life gets in the way I am capable of still moving forward. What has me be effective is I assert PRACTICE.

I’m in this program 80/20 where we practice planning 80 percent and 20 percent implementing the actions. I’m probably at 20 percent planning and 80 percent action. I am far from being masterful yet. They say the most effective people on the planet are people who strategically plan 80 percent and take action 20 percent. I want to be one of those people. Even though I am effective now, if I took this strategy on, how much more effective could I be? I have been in the program for 14 months. Every month for six months we take one of these areas. The first month, getting complete, second month, expansion. and alignment. In the third month, craft your vision In the fourth-month take on big and small games. In the fifth month, we reverse engineer those big and small games. In the sixth month, we implement and track those games. Then we start all over again. At first, I was frustrated and didn’t make the time always to follow the program.

In the program, we get to look at four quadrants of life. Health and wellbeing, business and finances, Relationships (spiritual, friendships, coworkers, etc.), Home and environment. Each quarter you take on at least one project in each of those areas and practice what you are learning. Halfway through the 6 months, I was like, this is too much. I’ll never get this right, this is stupid. I forgot when you are learning anything new it takes practice to learn it and then implement it. Now I’m on my 3rd round and I’m still learning and practicing. The man that coaches it, said it took him 5 to 7 years before he became masterful at this process. Making myself wrong is a default way of being. I’ve been practicing that for a lot of years, now when I notice I’m making myself wrong I can interrupt those thoughts and change my thinking. I have not put 10,000 hours of practice in yet. YOU CAN’T HAVE MASTERY until you put in the time. In fact, it is common knowledge that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be called a master of anything. In my book “Getting Unstuck” Chapter 9 is about practice, practice, practice.

What are one or two areas you want to be masterful in? What are one or two things that are important to you? Look at what are one or two things you are committed to in those areas? Then ask yourself this question, are you committed to practicing and expanding those areas and becomming masterful? You could look at what are the most effective courses you could take that would give you some tools so you could practice daily and become more effective? What structures are you putting in place so you can practice and get effective coaching and feedback on your practice and performance? Especially in the middle of breakdowns.

Ask yourself what are two effective actions you could take right now? Write those actions down and take those actions within the next twenty-four hours. I think if you did that you could move forward.

Go for it!  I want on my gravestone she burned out instead of rusted out!  What do you want them to say about you?
Ask yourself are your actions and speaking in alignment with what you are committed to? Look at what are the habitual patterns that have that commitment thwarted?  Are you willing to take responsibility for when it doesn’t go the way you want or the way you expected and clean up your part? Are you willing to let go of Expectations of yourself and others?  What are you not being truthful about to yourself and others?
Our thoughts can be like a junk drawer-we need to take inventory and get rid of what is not useful! (wendy b)
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