How to Disappear Complaints #462

Last week we talked about flourishing and thriving in retirement. Now let’s talk about how can you flourish and thrive when you have complaints. Or what actions can you take to disappear complaints so that you flourish and thrive?

I’m in the money seminar with Landmark Worldwide and one of the tasks in the homework was to list all your complaints about money. I didn’t think I had too many. I’m bringing in more money than I have in a long time. I have no debt, I can go to the store and buy what I want. Then I started digging deeper and saw that I had complaints about how family members don’t save. How the rich should be taxed higher etc, etc.

I saw I had this persistent complaint that I wanted to buy a house but I probably didn’t qualify for the mortgage. I probably didn’t bring in enough money, I was too old, etc. Notice i wallowed in my complaint and never took any action. It was like I lived my life, like the complaint was real.

It was suggested in one of the exercises to look at four things and see if you could shift the complaint. I got an accountability partner. One who would listen to my promises etc like I really meant them. So I looked at what I was committed to and I saw I was committed to clarity, Discovering do I qualify for a mortgage or not? What can I declare, what promises can I make, what requests can I make to move this complaint from a complaint to a solution. I promised I would call a realtor friend of mine and I requested he find me a mortgage broker. I promised to do this by a certain date. I got a list of things from the mortgage broker I needed before they could check to qualify me. I made a request of my accountant to send over my 2019 and 2020 taxes and tax accessment. All my t-4 etc to verify what I made. Now I’m putting everything together and will forward it on to the mortgage broker. I notice my complaint disappered and I was just in action. Regardless of whether I qualify or not I see that being in action disappears the complaint. I also see that now I’m not focused on the complaint, I see other possibilities that I hadn’t seen before.

Now I’m looking at all my complaints. How can I turn my complaints into productive results? What actions could I take instead of complaining? Rememberr look at your complaint . Ask yourself what are you committed to in this situation? What can you declare? What could you promise? What requests could you make? Get an accountability partner. I have had accounability partners for the last thirty years. Why? Because they keep me on track and much more effective. They keep me focused on the goal and they are a sounding board when I hit a brick wall.

Look into your life and start making a list of your complaints. Get an accountability partner you would listen to and trust. Maybe even suggest they make a list of their complaints. Then get started to support one another. Ask yourself, with this complaint what am I committed to? Can I declare anything. Can I promise anything? Make sure with a promise you put a by when. A specific time you will fullfill the promise. You need to be able to measure the outcome. Can I request anything? Who should I make the requests of? My promise is if you take this on you will disappear your complaints and move forward in your life. Let me know how it goes. Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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