Podcast 142 What are some simple things to do to thrive!! (4)

Try a new hobby group you would like to to try (painting, knitting, puzzles)

Try eating at new restaurants at hotels  or pubs during happy hours approximately 3-6p.m..  You can order two appetizers and with tip and taxes under $15,00.  The food is good and two appetizers you can be full and feel like you have indulged. Get another friend or a group of you and try that once or twice a month.  You get to explore new places and try new food.

Who would like a complimentary 15 min coaching session?  I want to call you personally and hear about your dreams and goals.  I will give you  one amazing tip that will help you out.  I will call people who let me  know they left a five star rating for this podcast and provide their user name on iTunes, google plus, blubrry the podcast providers I use.  Just hit the button subscribe to my podcast and rate it a number 5.!



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