Podcast 202 Do you believe things are possible even though you don’t always understand how it works!

(it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us) Part of a quote from Marianne Williamson

Do you always react to people grumpiness or do you treat them respectfully and get curious about what is behind their grumpiness.  They may have a very good reason.  Maybe giving them respect, love   will help them, it did to this black Leopard.  Check it out on google.  The incredible story of how black leopard Diabol became spirt ! Anna Breytenback the animal communicator

I want to  personally  hear about your dreams and goals.  I will give you  one amazing tip that will help you out.  I will call people who let me  know they left a five star rating for this podcast and provide their user name on iTunes, google plus, blubrry the podcast providers I use.  Just hit the button subscribe to my podcast and rate it a number 5.!

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Keep thriving!

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