Podcast 59 part 1 What Stories Stop You!

What stories have you made up about yourself that stop you, especially when there is Conflict?  Some of mine are (What’s the Use! Why bother I can’t get what I want or I can’t make the difference or who would listen to me!  Who am I! I’m not smart enough!) are you getting the picture?

When there is conflict have you ever resorted to being a pit bull or a doormat?  When there is conflict have you just wanted to write the person off?

When this happens these people can be our greatest teachers if we don’t get in the ring and fight with them.  Have you ever asked how can we transform this conflict?

When people evoke I’m not good enough or smart enough I must look at myself.  What am I resisting here?  What am I reacting too! What am I feeling threatened here by.  Am I making this about me?  What can’t I be with?

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