Podcast 71 Did You Know You Can Grow Through Adversity!

The lobster soft mushy animal lives inside a rigid shell.  That rigid shell does not expand.  How can the lobster grow?  As the lobster grow that shell becomes very confining and the lobster feels itself under pressure and uncomfortable.  It goes under a rock formation to protect itself from predators.  He casts off his shell and produces a new one.  Eventually that shell becomes confining and uncomfortable.  The lobster goes back under the rocks.  The lobster repeats this numerous times.  The Stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable.  In todays society when we feel uncomfortable we want to numb those feelings with drugs or alcohol then you never get to cast off your shell and grow a new one.

We have to realize that at times of stress these can be times that are signals for growth.  If we use adversity properly we can grow through adversity.

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