Podcast 137 Does worry take you out of the game!

When you ask an older person what is there biggest regret when you look back on your life.  How would you have lived differently.  Most would say they wished they hadn’t waste so much time worrying!  Amazing isn’t it.

Steps to help you interrupt the worry pattern

  1. become aware
  2. listen to your thoughts really listen, ask yourself are they TRUE (REFLECT) (ACCEPT)
  3. Then take action
  4. ground yourself with some kind of achor                                                                                               Who would like a complimentary 15 min coaching session?  I want to call you personally and hear about your dreams and goals.  I will give you  one amazing tip that will help you out.  I will call people who let me  know they left a five star rating for this podcast and provide their user name on iTunes, google plus, blubrry the podcast providers I use.  Just hit the button subscribe to my podcast and rate it a number 5

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