Podcast 147 Are your views limiting you! (2)

Have you ever met someone who altered your view for life?  I met a young man who really impressed me. After knowing him a year, I found out he could possibly be going to prison for a crime (carrying drugs over the boarder) a crime he had allegedly done seven years ago when he was a teen.    Before meeting him I had a view about men like him.    Fortunately for him and I, I got to know him before I discovered what he had done.  For the last seven years he coached and worked with teens in his community openly sharing about his possibility to be sent to prison and Inspired the youth to make healthier choices.  He went to prison and served time.  I visited him in prison, he was upbeat and encouraged cell mates to do restitution for their crimes when theY got out.  He is out of prison and  to this day he is contributing to his fellow man .  WOW



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