Are you giving your POWER AWAY! 372


It can be challenging when you cant control the way things are happening. My invitation is to challenge yourself to control the way you respond. How you respond either gives your power away or allows you to master being powerful.


You are fee to choose how you respond. You are not free from the consequences of your actions. So to hold onto power, be slow to respond. Count to 100. If you still can not respond kind fully and respectfully excuse yourself. Go call your coach or mentor and let go of your anger so that you can speak purposefully.



Whatever you are not changing you are choosing. Let me say that again whatever you are not changing you are choosing. If you repeatedly respond in anger you are choosing to do so. The anger gets you something. Maybe you like dominating the crap out of people because that is one impact of anger. Its easy to lash out and it takes mastery to notice your anger. Find the source of your anger within yourself and then chose to be responsible for your own anger and choose to be respectful regardless of how others are being. That is Power, that is mastery.

WATCH U TUBE CLAIRE MY last days (Unbelievable)

Go for it!  I want on my grave stone she burned out instead of rusted out!  What do you want them to say about you?

Ask yourself are your actions and speaking in alignment with what you are committed to? Look at what are the habitual patterns that have that commitment thwarted?  Are you willing to take responsibility for when it doesn’t go that way you want or the way you expected and clean up your part? Are you willing to let go of Expectations of yourself and others?  What are you not being truthful about to yourself and others.

Our thoughts can be like a junk drawer-we need to take inventory and get rid of what is  not useful! (wendy b)

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