Focus & Leadership 396


A certain point, as of attraction, attention or activity

What ever you focus on manifest.. What are you focusing on moment by moment through this challenging time. Everything we do and say arises in language so what can we create in language that rocks our world. Our words create our world.


Worry is created from thinking about something happening in our future. The question to get you out of worry is “Is this happening NOW?” NO IT IS ISN’T. Upset and worry are caused from making something up that is NOT HAPPENING NOW AND MIGHT IN THE FUTURE AND IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN EITHER.

I caught myself worrying about my daughter. What is happening right now is my daughter is not well, she has a tight chest, is coughing and not feeling well. She is not in the hospital. When you deal with whats so now you are not worrying you are just dealing with whats so. Upsets are caused because we have it like it SHOULD BE a different way. When you have a SHOULD YOU AR NOT DEALING WITH REALITY. that is a tough one to get so I will repeat this.


A real thing or fact

When you have a SHOULD YOU AR NOT DEALING WITH REALITY. that is a tough one to get. We have all sorts of should’s. The virus should be stopped. It shouldn’t be happening. He should know better. I should have done this or that. blah! blah! blah! When we give up the right to make anything wrong we get our power back.


Powerful leaders lead in uncertain times. There is no certainty. Its all illusion. The only thing that is certain is if you are born you will eventually dies. POWERFUL leaders can work with uncertainty without making it wrong its just whats so. So I’m asking you what are you doing to interrupt your worry. your upset so you can lead your family powerfully today? What are you doing for FUN? What are you doing mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally financially?

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