Retirement How to Flourish & Thrive #461

Have you got structures in place when you retire so you can thrive and Flourish? When people do not have those structures in place they are without purpose, they don’t thrive and flourish. They find themselves floundering. People who create structures create a future worth living into. They create a purpose and that has them generally thrive and flourish.

Usually, most working people have structures to go to work and that gets them out of bed in the morning. You filled your days with work-related things to do. Now in retirement, you have an opportunity to create new structures that give you new purposes.

I have been an entrepreneur since my early twenties. When I got close to retirement age I realized I didn’t want to retire. So I created structures to continue to make a difference with people and support people to thrive. I have the privilege of continuing to do that through my podcasts, writing, creating workshops and challenges for people, and coaching. As long as I enjoy these things I will continue to do them. I wrote a best-seller “Getting Unstuck” In retirement” the book is very purposeful. It alters people’s lives which is exciting for me. It alters your perception of yourself and others one conversation at a time. I also created a twenty-one-day challenge “Being Unstoppable, getting unstuck”, This challenge has you enroll the community around you so that you can fulfill the goals that you set.

Since the pandemic, I belong to many WhatsApp groups and zoom groups where I meet some awesome people and support them in fulfilling their goals and they support me in fulfilling on mine. Some of us are collaborating and creating and doing things together.

I’ve become a certified leader of Reclaim Your Power (RYP). Its led Zoom all over the world. It’s a course where we get in touch with the disempowering conversations that stop us from living the life we really want. When we discover the disempowering conversations and the impact on ourselves and others we can Reclaim our Power Back. I also have the privilege of watching my granddaughter numerous times every week. That in itself is a purpose worthwhile.

I’m not saying when you retire that you have to keep busy every moment. All I’m saying is you need a purpose. If you don’t know your purpose or mission then start looking around your community. Wherever you live there is always a need for volunteers. Look around and see what’s missing and then enroll a group of people to make what’s missing happen. It could be as simple as getting someone to donate land so you can create a community garden. That can be incredibly rewarding.

Create big and small games to play. How would you measure if you were winning in those games? One structure could be as simple as doing one act of generosity daily. I’m saying generosity doesn’t have to do with money either. Smiling at someone who is down. Acknowledging someone, giving them a compliment. Bringing in the neighbour’s garbage. Encourage young people to go for their dreams. Offering to give a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car. babysitting, offering to walk a person’s dog while they are at work. Are you getting my drift? Remember It’s up to you to flourish and thrive. What structures are you putting in place so you can Flourish and Thrive?

Go for it!  I want on my gravestone she burned out instead of rusted out!  What do you want them to say about you?
Ask yourself are your actions and speaking in alignment with what you are committed to? Look at what are the habitual patterns that have that commitment thwarted?  Are you willing to take responsibility for when it doesn’t go the way you want or the way you expected and clean up your part? Are you willing to let go of Expectations of yourself and others?  What are you not being truthful about to yourself and others?
Our thoughts can be like a junk drawer-we need to take inventory and get rid of what is not useful! (wendy b)
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Wendy B
I support women when facing adversity to Reclaim Their Power bringing them more clarity, confidence, and joy. Also, I share my 40 years of experience of being a successful entrepreneur while raising two children who are now adults.

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