12. What others thin of you is none of your business!

Do you walk into a room and get anxious because you worry about what people think of you?  Do you get yourself all tied in knots so you can’t think straight?  Do you say yes when you should be saying no because you want people to think well of you.  Do you stop doing things you want to do because you are worried about how you will look learning new things.?  Do you hold back sharing something about your self that you know could make a profound difference to the other person for fear they will judge you?

Stop it, we can’t control what others think of us.  We need to believe in ourselves.  As long as we are doing the things we need to do then we need to just step out.  We can’t please everyone.  Sometimes we are not going to please our loved ones or our co-workers or friends.  Be true to oneself.

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