28. How can you stay motivated?

How fast can you pick yourself up and be motivated after failing to achieve a goal by a certain time?

Can you stay focused on what’s next and go for it?  If not maybe, maybe you are focused on the wrong thing?

Do what successful businessmen and Olympians do and you will have a better chance of achieving your goals.

Your past doesn’t dictate your future.  What you did before makes no difference.  Use your past only as a reference.  Focus all your energy on where are you going.  Be in the Game, be an Olympian Gold, keep playing and focus on the game you are creating and ask yourself a couple of questions.

Did you do what you could?  Does your life matter?

Remember there are no failures just learning experiences!

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2 thoughts on “28. How can you stay motivated?

  1. Cindy Reply

    Very good commentary. I liked how the one athlete who failed had to go back to the table and refocus. How they trained and retrained. How they continued to focus. Even if you don’t get the “win” you wanted, you can still let go of results and continue to move forward. Then, miraculously, sometimes you actually get the gold metal. (that is what you really want in life)
    I like the way you say to move forward and to get forward momentum. I really like that. That is what Paul in the New Testament said. He totally let go of the past and was continuously forward focussed.

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