44A What do you think will influence Your More, Your Environment or Your Will Power?

Interesting inquiry to be in.  I believe will power or honouring your word from what you are committed to and having your environment pull you to honour your word would be very valuable.

Give you an example you are on a strict diet and its late at night and you are hungry you open your fridge and there is fruit and there is your favourite ice-cream and your favourite chocolate bar.  (Will power or environment.

Another example your are on a strict diet and all that is available to you is all the things you are allowed.  They are all packaged in containers in the freezer.  All that is available in the fridge and cupboards is what you are allotted that day.  There is a menu for the day and week on the fridge and a gold star to put on after each meal.  Your Partner is also supporting you daily.

So you tell me is it your environment or is it will power!

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