Podcast 79 Martyrdom (3) Do U Suffer more than U need to!

An interesting and rewarding exercise for today may be to examine all the things that are hurting YOU at the moment.  Challenge their validity to see if there is any basis for your bitterness or for that dread and fear.  You will  probably discover, to your delight, that you have, right at this moment, more than enough reasons to be happy and contented.

Even if it was meant to hurt, it cannot reach the real you , If you  stand guard at the door of your mind!

The root of my suffering is rarely about what happened and its about what I made what happened mean about me, about it about them

What am I not doing that I need to do?

What am I not saying that I need to say  So I can be complete about what happened so I can move on and move forward.?

What is the cost to me and others around me to hold onto resentment ?


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