Podcast 103 What did you accomplish in 2016!

What did you accomplish in 2016, don’t minimize, really look and celebrate

What did you do that actually worked?  Write down 10 things or more that you could celebrate.  What did you kick ass at?  Where did you stand up for yourself?   Where did you surprise and delight yourself.  Where did you think you would break, but you got back up?  What did you overcome that not many people know about.  Look at the big things, the little things, OWN IT!

On a scale of 1-10 (1 is low, 10 is splendid), when you consider 2016 as a whole, how satisfied are you in each category:

the daily joy and peace you experienced:

Partnerships (if applicable) marriage, work:




How you spent the majority of your time::

What would make each of these areas be a 10 I the next year?  (Remember you can only change yourself so don’t put anything that relies on another person changing)

Remember Celebrate the good the bad and the ugly

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