HOW does Fear Stop You!346


False evidence appearing real, Face everything and rejoice or Fuck everything and run. I have tried all three and Face everything and and rejoice or resume works the best. Is your your fear even real. You may experience fear and the only real fear is if you or your loved ones lives are authentically being threatened. Gun to your head, bear coming at you, stage 4 cancer that is real fear. Otherwise its old memories of something from the past that is stopping you or it is negative core values that you are blind too. For example (they will think I’m stupid) I’m not smart enough, i’m not pretty enough. I almost got stopped recently by the old thought pattern I’m not smart enough. When i distinguished that was what was stopping me I picked up the phone and spoke to my coach. Then I was in action doing what was needed. The fear was still there and I walked along side it.

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