Podcast 85 Twenty-five days till Santa Arrives

Wow can you believe Christmas is only twenty-five days away!  I have been going to more events then usual and sometimes there is liquor served and I just want to be able to have one or two glasses without worrying about driving.  I have been checking into the Vancouver Bus Service and it is very efficient and the drivers are pleasant and amazing.  I go onto to google maps find the buses or bus route and then I take my compass card and go.  I have been a bit nervous I explain to the bus driver I’m new at this tell them the address and they make sure I get the right bus and are very helpful and pleasant.  Also when I have taken the Canada Line or the Sky train I am nervous because there isn’t real live people directing you.  I just stop a young person, explain where I’m trying to go they have been amazing and helpful.  Yahoo Vancouver!

So my question to you is.   ARE you willing to have different alternate transportation ways to get safely to your destination and back ? Think twice b-4 drinking and driving.  You can drink and have a safe fun time and the future will look rosy for everybody.

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